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The Wooden Board

Wooden Grill Scrappers

Wooden Grill Scrappers

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When ordering additional units, sizes, mixed or bulk orders, and any custom work, email before placing your order for a custom quote.

Metal scrappers can be a dangerous tool to use on a grill.

More frequently we have all heard about someone getting sick or worst due to a small piece of metal being ingested. (See FYI Below)

Our wooden scrappers outperform any metal scrapper and their scalloped design allows the wood to quickly clean your grill grates. The edge will also improve over time as the hot grill will start to re-shape this edge to match your specific grill grates. We also recommend using this scrapper for between the grates and even for flat grill pans or use our "Flat Style". Once you purchase one of these items, you will fall deeper in love with your grill and this outdoor kitchen accessory.

It's important to keep your grill clean, but using a wire grill brush can be more dangerous than helpful. Wire grill brushes have always been the standard for cleaning grill grates. However, it’s been found that the bristles can break off and wind up in your food. Consumer Reports even issued a warning against using these brushes a couple of years ago. Here’s what you need to know about wire grill brush danger.

Caution You Must Read This:
Why a Wire Grill Brush Can Be Dangerous: As you might expect, wire grill brush bristles are sharp. And one study revealed that between 2002 and 2014, around 1,700 Americans had to go to the emergency room after accidentally ingesting wire bristles. And those were just the reported cases! They can cause severe damage internally, and may even require emergency surgery.

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All Our Products Are One Of A Kind and Made By Hand

The pieces shown on this website are one of a kind as are all our products! If you would like a similar one made for you, we will send you a photo via e-mail once it has been completed. We can only send you a picture of what we have created specifically for you due to the cost of materials, labor, and storage space. This is our visual guarantee to you.

Our Visual Assurance Before Shipping

Each item is hand-made, so each is unique and, no two are alike.
We will send you an email with a jpg for your approval prior to shipping.

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Allow another 5 Days for packing, & shipping to receive your purchased item/s.


We often have extra's on-hand in our inventory from craft shows, so no worries, you can always e-mail us if you need it asap. We will typically reply within 2-3 business days or sooner.

The Wooden Board produces handcrafted wood pieces south of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Each is beautifully made and is created with sustainability and longevity in mind. Because our products are handcrafted – no two are the same. Besides the enjoyment you will get while using our products, each also includes a bit of love!

Please email us if we might display our work at your event, fundraiser, or craft show.