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    We create a template, hand select your wood, cut it, then progressively sand it to a high gloss finish. We oil your work three times, and tie a ribbon on it to say thank you!


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Need help in choosing the right boards?

A sharp knife and a Great Cutting Board are the cornerstone for any kitchen. Cooks have long debated which ones are best. Is plastic safer… is glass best, or is wood? Does it matter what type of wood? The more serious you are as a chef, the more making the right decision matters. This is where we can help.

Think of your cutting boards like a car. The model you love is probably going to differ from person to person.

But before you buy, here’s information you should consider about choosing a cutting board.


All Our Products Are One Of A Kind and Made By Hand

The pieces shown on this website are one of a kind as are all our products! If you would like a similar
one made for you, we will send you a photo via e-mail once it has been completed.

This is our visual guarantee to you.