Types of Wood

  • ASH

    Ash is mainly found in the eastern United States. The wood from an Ash tree is light weight, but still fairly strong. The wood has a straighter grain; the color can range from a greyish shade to a light brown.


    Beech grows primarily in the eastern U.S. This tree’s wood is strong and heavy. It is also very shock resistant. The wood is a gradient of different shades of reddish brown, and also has a straighter grain.


    Black Walnut is a tree, that grows in the eastern United States; it is found largely in the more central region. Its common color is a variation of different rich browns, like chocolate. It is a strong hardwood that has a grain that can be either curvy or straight.


    Several species of cedar grow in the southern United States, Central and South America. The most common type of cedar is the western red variety. Western red cedar, as its name implies, has a reddish color to it. Cedar is a knotty softwood which has a red-brown color with light streaks. Its aromatic and moth repellent qualities have made it a popular wood for lining drawers, chests and boxes. Simple cases and storage closets are also constructed from this light, brittle wood. Western Red cedar is mostly used for outdoor projects such as furniture, decks, and building exteriors because it can handle moist environments without rotting.


    Cherry is grows in the Great Lakes region of the United States. The wood is a reddish brown, although it does darken with light exposure and age. It is fairly dense and shock resistant.


    This tree is primarily found in the South, mostly the Gulf States. It has a reddish brown color wood. This wood is fairly split resistant.

  • GUM

    This tree is native to the south Eastern U.S. It has a reddish brown color wood with darker streaks. This tree produces a very heavy and hard wood.


    This tree grow best in the Eastern United States. Hackberry has a hard and heavy wood. The wood is a lighter brown color, often with yellow streaks.


    This tree is found in the northern United States. A slightly whiter wood, it usually a light shade of reddish brown. It is a strong wood and very resistant to wear.


    Hickory / PecanFound primarily in the South, Hickory is one of the hardest wood that can be found in the U.S. It has very fine grain and is very strong. It has a reddish color to the wood.


    Commonly grow in the eastern United States. This tree has a yellowish-green color to the wood. It is shock resistant, and fairly strong.


    This tree grows in the Midwest and Eastern parts of the United States. It has a darker reddish-brown color wood. It is a heavy, shock resistant wood.


    Red Oak is native to the eastern parts of the United States. It has a light brown or pinkish brown wood color. The wood is heavy and hard with a straight grain.


    Originally grows in the eastern half of the United states. and has a brown colored wood. It is fairly heavy and shock resistant.


    This is some placeholder text about the Walnut (Cheese) wood type. Please fill in more information about this wood type and it will be updated.


    White Oak is abundant in the eastern region of the U.S. It is a very hard and heavy wood. It has a wood that is a variation of light to dark brown in color.


    This tree has light reddish brown colored wood and found mostly in the Great Lakes Region. It also has a very heavy and strong wood.

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