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The Wooden Board

Wooden Rolling Pins

Wooden Rolling Pins

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As a foodie, I have tried many tools, read about new approaches yet still come back to what works best.

Sometimes those time-tested, simple tools remain the best. So, the traditional rolling pin still is a classic, also known as a "French rolling pin". Nothing else seems to offer the same feel, comfort, and control as this simple yet elegant piece of wood. It is the best rolling pin there is for working with crusts, dough, pastry, and everything else baking.

While some home bakers and pastry chefs prefer using straight rolling pins because of the ease with which they roll out dough to even thickness, others prefer using tapered rolling pins because they’re easy to hold and maneuver, allowing you to pivot directions (and eliminating the need to lift your dough off the countertop and rotate).

The simple design of these rolling pins provides the least possible barrier between your hands and whatever type of dough you’re rolling out, allowing you to feel what’s happening underneath as you apply pressure. In the case of pie dough, this helps you to sense if you’re rolling out the dough to a uniform thickness—which, as every baker knows, is crucial for even cooking.

Our hard-wood dowel-style wooden rolling pins are sturdy and strong. They are so strong that they can also be used to crush ice, conquer crackers or crotons, and with the right pressure and techniques can flatten out your proteins for any marsala. 

Proportions may vary based upon the wood type and availability.


The design of a wooden kitchen tool’s handle is very important. Selecting a handle that is comfortable to hold and easy to use when mixing ingredients ensures the tool meets the chef's needs best. Look at the length of the handle, since a longer handle may be the right choice to use when cooking over high heat or to get to the bottom of that pot or bowl. 

Next, look at the thickness and shape of the handle. Does it have a flat handle or a round handle? Consider which style will feel the most comfortable. 

Lastly, consider a magnet to leave this tool "handy" and easy to find. Or do you prefer a hole for your favorite loop for it to "hang loose"? Or is it your preference for nothing added, so you can store it in a drawer or kitchen tool holder. 

Head Design 

Next, consider the head design of each wooden kitchen tool. The length, width, depth, and overall shape of a wooden utensil’s head. The size and shape will have an impact on what you are doing. Consider whether you are mixing, scraping, or scooping, and look for a tool that matches that task. Look for a thick-enough head to easily move ingredients around, whether it can hold liquids for pouring or tasting.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Oiling anything wooden in your kitchen with food-safe oil is always important. This creates a barrier to protect it from heat damage, stains, and locks in moisture to prevent the wood from getting too brittle. We recommend oiling your wooden kitchen boards and tools every few weeks as a part of general maintenance and to ensure their longevity.

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