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The cut, grain, and thickness of our boards separates our products from most of the pre-made commercial wooden boards. Many commercial boards are made from soft woods or cut from the outer part of the tree, which makes them prone to splitting over time.

Our cutting boards are center cuts from old wood that has been naturally dried for no less than years. Each board’s thickness is no less than 1/4″, and is a whole piece of solid wood. We use what we believe are the best varieties of wood based upon our selection of each wood’s hardness. Each board that we produce is made to hold up over time and is likely to be passed down for many generations to come.

Our wooden cutting boards are handcrafted and have been individually selected to provide extra beauty and pleasure to your food preparations. They are a welcome addition to every countertop; they add an extra WOW factor or flair. Plus, they are functional for serving as well as displaying food.

Our Boards Are Unique: Just as no tree is alike, neither are our boards.

Each piece of wood used for your cutting or serving board is one of a kind. All our boards are hand-made, some imperfections make the board more authentic, earthy, natural, and in their way, quite beautiful.

Our Donation: 10%of each sale is equally contributed towards The Arthritis Foundation (as I am afflicted with RA) and Community Gardening to feed those less fortunate as well as to educate them about self-sustaining food source options.