• Ellen & Rick Steinberg - Newton, MA

    I purchased a Charcuterie Board from the WoodenBoard last Winter. Andrew was extremely knowledgeable about types of wood, had wonderful ideas about the different uses of the board, and was delightful to work with. I had a definite idea in mind. I wanted a board that could accommodate anywhere from 6 people per occasion up to 12 people per occasion. Andrew came through!! He designed a Cherry board that is 34" x 11". This has come in handy when we have had brunch for 6-8 people for bagels, lox, cream cheese, etc. as well as an appetizer board for 12 with crackers, cheeses, veggies, etc. The beauty of my board is that everything can be served on one amazing piece of wood and creates a beautiful warm presentation!

  • Eliane Lingwood - New York City & Bienne, Switzerland

    I recently moved and wanted to add some unique and beautiful objects to my new home. I found "The Wooden Board" on the web and was immediately intrigued and attracted to what I viewed. I placed my orders and was overjoyed once they arrived. True artistic creations.


    The happy surprise was not only for the items themselves but also for the exquisite way they were created, lovingly no doubt. The rich auburn wood polished to a velvety touch, the veins placed just at the right angle to enhance the beauty of each piece were definite proof of the artwork to be cherished and to be used with great enjoyment.


    I would encourage anyone to go to the site, admire the different offerings and let themselves be conquered by what they see.

  • Debbie Wolf - Needham, MA

    I’m happy to share my thoughts on these beautiful items!


    I own and truly enjoy many items from The Wooden Board. The workmanship is very high quality and the artist has a really good eye for design. I have a difficult time choosing which items to get because I love so many! I particularly love the charcuterie board I have, as well as an interesting little unusually shaped spoon. Many great gift ideas!

  • Jerry Fleishman - Natick, MA

    Andrew, I love the unique cutting board you made for me. The combination of native woods has made it my "special" go-to kitchen tool!

  • Sandra Oleck - NYC, NY

    The Wooden Board makes beautiful gifts! They are very well crafted and truly special. I am using and enjoying his handmade wooden products.

  • Henriette Hand, New York, NY

    "I am so impressed with Andrew's
    creativity. I enjoy using your kitchen tools every day. All of your wooden pieces are distinctive, designed with care and simply elegant. You seem to make the wood speak through the shapes you turn out. Please keep on making these beautiful items. Thank you!"

  • Lynn Monahan

    I have purchased many unique products from The Wooden Board for myself and as gifts for family and friends. It’s hard to say which utensil I like most because I use all—spatulas, spreaders, toast tongs, and push pulls. It’s always a pleasure to have friends figure out what a toast tong or a push-pull is and then watch their delight when using their unique piece.

    I have a pig board I use occasionally as it’s just too special for everyday use; sorry, Andrew. I gave a beautiful cheese board to my daughter as a Christmas present and she loves using it when entertaining.

    The Wooden Board is a great resource for beautiful and unique kitchen products.

  • Adam & Kim

    The Wooden Board always produces pieces that are both functional and visually appealing. From our salt well, to the mixing spoon, to our latest serving board (picture attached!) - the wood is beautiful and the craftsmanship is evident. Whenever I need a new kitchen item, I always check the site to see what Andrew has available.

  • Sue Nacey

    I am not much of a cook, although Andrew's push-pull has been an amazing addition to my kitchen? My favorite piece from The Woden Board is something that belongs in a museum. It’s hard to believe that it was made by hand as its clean lines are modern and elegant. By the way, it’s a pie server. Thanks!

  • Debbie Rosenblatt - Foxboro, MA

    I’ve purchased several pieces from The Wooden Board I couldn’t be happier! The quality and workmanship are second to none. If you are looking for authentic handmade pieces for gifts then this is the place to go!


    I love the flower holder! I have had more people ask where did I get this... I have also really loved the pinch bowls, I have one I use all the time during meal prep. The other is by my nightstand for my earrings and rings.


    Whatever you get I know you will love it!!