Beautiful handmade products are created from mostly sustainably sourced wood.

We’re a small business located in Massachusetts, south of Boston. We design, create,  and ship our products worldwide. Everything we offer is handmade; and every single product receives as much attention needed to ensure that it’s unique and perfect!

The majority of our products are created from sustainably sourced wood from all over the world.

My Story

The Wooden Board started as a lifelong interest in wood and I wanted to create a shop as a hobby. Just before an accident and developing severe Rheumatoid Arthritis I finally partitioned an area in our home as a woodshop. I bought 2nd hand equipment and started to create without taking any lessons. Little did I realize that this would become my mental therapy, my passion and my next chapter in life.

My skill in design and creating has evolved expedientially matching the diversity of my work.

I strive to create the best I can with every piece without exception!

“I let the wood inspire me and speak for itself. Each piece has its own voice which makes it hard to choose only one favorite. My wife and I encourage customers we have met at shows or events to touch, feel and examine everything until that unique one speaks to them as well."

Andrew E. Schwartz

Need help in choosing the right boards?

A sharp knife and a Great Cutting Board are the cornerstone for any kitchen. Cooks have long debated which ones are best. Is plastic safer… is glass best, or is wood? Does it matter what type of wood? The more serious you are as a chef, the more making the right decision matters. This is where we can help.

Think of your cutting boards like a car. The model you love is probably going to differ from person to person.

But before you buy, here’s information you should consider about choosing a cutting board.


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